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Everything inside the Book is wrong. I wish I could carry it out of this place, fly as high as my wings could carry me and throw it as far away as possible. But I know my place. I bring the Book from its hiding place and offe r it to my Master on bended knee. My Master eagerly scoops it out of my hands and commands me to bind the Lamb in preparation. I obey, though I cannot bring myself to look at my Ma ster or the Lamb. My Master slaughtered Lambs on every night the moon hides its face. Four before this Lamb, two more after. Before she read the Book, we would speak about our years together and the world outside the Chantry. I kno w my Master believes the lies. When I tried to tell her the first time, she commanded me to sile nce. When I tried to stop her the third time, my blood burned with the bond she held over me. I watche d the Knife cut delicately, fatally into the Lambs.

I saw the blood turn black as she drank it from symbols carved in each of the Lambs. I heard the whispers telling her to do it again, growing louder each time. When she takes the Knife out from its secret place, my blood boils again. Bu t this time, I find myself in motion. The sou nd of the splintering finally draws her att ention away from the Book. My Master whi rls in time for the jagged leg to sink dee p into her chest. The look on her face wounds me deeply. It reminds me of what she looked like when I climbed out of my birth sac to see her weeping face. She slumps to the floor and I scoo p the Lamb up in my arms. I quickly exit through the window into the night air.

I fly toward Elysium where the Lamb should be safe for the evenin g. The noise will draw the others. They will find the Book and the Knife. My Master will blam e me and I will be hunted by anyone who believes her. I swore to protect my Master, her Hou se and her Clan. Even if I must cas t myself out to protect my Master from herself. A History of Chains and Flight Many bloodlines have their origins hidden in the fog of legend and the mists of time. We are fortunate in that our history traces back to a distinct place and time. We can take solace in that we know where we came from and what we were meant to do.

But we can also point to the moment when we found our freedom, so we know we are able to exert our wills and do what we feel is necessary. Despite our monstrous appearances and the piteous attitudes of other Kindred toward us, we should take pride that we have two moments in history that we can grip tightly. We were born in chains and, more importantly, were set free to fly. The Gargoyles all owe our existence to the Tremere. But we do not belong to them. The Tremere of the 12th Century were bold, brash creatures that little resembled the secretive schemers we know today. They were foolhardy enough to jump into the Jyhad and pull one of the Antediluvians from his seat at the table. They could have stayed a bloodline known for its study of blood magic, but they wanted more. By becoming a Clan, they made themselves targets of the other Cainites of the day. Their usurpation may have also triggered the tumults that created The Camarilla, so they needed as many allies as possible.

They made them. They made us. The Mother of Gargoyles Our bloodline was founded by a Tremere mage named Virstania. She, too, was Embraced with a purpose. Her 30 mastery of summoning familiars and creating servants brought her to the attention of the Tremere elders. Many Kindred were brought to Ceoris, the original Chantry of the Tremere, to be studied, especially those known for malleable blood. Dozens of Kindred were destroyed by her efforts, but eventually they began to bear a macabre fruit. The secret was combining different types of vitae with certain ingredients that provoked a violent, magical reaction. Virstania created the ritual that made our bloodline. We know it today as At Our Command It Breathes. The ritual requires several dead bodies and specially prepared materials. I hesitate to go into too much detail, but it involves stitching the bodies together, immersing them in an alchemical solution for a few months, and performing incantations until the Gargoyle burst forth.

Perhaps her most unusual breakthrough was our ability to fly. She took our name from the creatures guarding churches at the time, so she decided to give us the ability to mimic their flight. All of us have the capacity. She cared for these first clutches as if they were her own children. Some would say she got too close to her creations. Virstania, inspired by the Anarch Revolt of the 15th century, sided with the Gargoyles when they decided to throw off the shackles of their oppressive masters. Many Gargoyles given to other chantries were tortured, beaten, and starved to break their spirits. A few who had discovered the Embrace were put to the torch for violating The Traditions. She protected and fought for us, forsaking her loyalty to the chantry.

We revere her for this stance. The Tremere looking to retain our services are wise to invoke her name when speaking to us. GARGOYLES Virstania Protects Her Children After sharing the ritual with her Clanmates, she was appalled at the cruelty shown to us by our new masters. She viewed us as her Childer, yet the Tremere used us as beasts of burden, cannon fodder, or hardier subjects for thaumaturgical experiments forbidden to this day. She gathered her forces to strike an unlikely target: Ceoris in Transylvania. It was rumored to be the location where the original transformation of the Council of Seven took place, going from wizards to vampires.

The Tremere likely thought it was another attack by the Tzimisce war ghouls. All were surprised when the Gargoyles serving on the inside of the building did nothing to stop the attack. In fact, they opened the doors to their brothers and sisters, who soon outnumbered the Tremere inside. Virstania leveraged the situation to create our status as a bloodline. Soon after, thanks to this event and the aftershocks of the Anarch Revolt, the Council of Seven relocated to a more secure location in Vienna. They remain there today because of us. The bulk of hostilities ended in The Tremere signed the Montmartre Pact and formally joined the Camarilla. As part of the deal, they swore to stop creating Gargoyles and cease hunting down vampires for use in the ritual.

The Clan was also supposed to destroy all copies of that ritual. Of course, copies still exist today, but the Gangrel and Nosferatu have long memories. Any chantries discovered creating Gargoyles these days must not only deal with those Clans seeking a little payback, but internal Tremere inquisitors looking to make an example of anyone working against the pacts made by the Council of Seven. Unlike most things about our creation, the origin of our unique gifts is still something of a mystery. Others believe the independent development of the discipline was what caused her to stand up for us as Kindred and push back against our horrible treatment.

Now, nearly all Gargoyles possess it, passing it through blood for hundreds of years. It brings together all the little pieces of our bloodline into one place. A non-Gargoyle who possesses the discipline was usually taught the ability because of a great service they provided to the bloodline. Whatever Gargoyle taught the outsider the discipline holds that Kindred in the same regard as they do our mother. The Victorian era, in particular, highlighted the changing world for many of us. The free Gargoyles migrated to the Americas in small trickles here and there, but this was an age of expansion of the Camarilla. When Tremere decided to strike out for the New World, sometimes they took their Gargoyles to assist in rebuilding new havens and chantries. However, many ended up freed in Europe, abandoned by their masters. It was like forcing a beloved pet out into the wilderness and expecting it to survive.

A last bit of cruelty for a life submerged in it. London became something of a gathering point for the bloodline. Most cities are lucky to have one Gargoyle in its secret history. The London of the early 20th century was home to the Sixpence Pinch. This all-Gargoyle coterie was led by a Kindred named Rooker. The only known surviving member of the gang, Handsome Dan, fled to the Anarch Free State a few years ago when mix of Tremere and Ventrue Kindred killed the other five members of the gang. Whether we were born via Embrace or ritual, we are rare enough that when we do come together, we spend little time discussing our origins. To the outsider, however, knowing why we were made and how our old masters classified us can give a little insight to our outlook and the roles we serve in modern society.

Born of Estranged Blood Virstania first found success with Gangrel vitae. Their mastery of the protean forms allowed them to do many things other Kindred could not, like turn to mist and take different animal shapes. Their solitary nature also made them excellent targets for Tremere hunting parties. If a Gangrel disappeared from the outskirts of a domain, few Kindred noticed or cared enough to investigate where they went. Even then, the Tremere had to hunt carefully. Losing two or three of their own to capture a lone Kindred was a poor trade, even for the desperate Tremere.

The captured Gangrel were usually ones that somehow made it back to a solitary haven wounded in a larger battle. They were created to allow quick, quiet transport of information between Chantries as well as reports of enemy movements. The Scouts were one of the reasons the Tremere were able to stave off many assaults from Cainites upset with their sudden ascension as a Clan. What was often ascribed to mysterious thaumaturgy or some gift for seeing the future was instead well-timed communication and coordination using Scout Gargoyles to carry information between their outposts. They were the Gargoyles that first mastered flight.

Our creation was clearly inspired by the war ghouls of the Tzimisce. The Vozhd did their part to crush many nascent chantries to keep the secrets of blood magic to themselves. Virstania took inspiration and blood from the voivodes that fell during the Long Night. The need to sleep surrounded by earth fascinated the Tremere. The addition of grave dirt to the alchemical process of our creation likely came from these experiments. Gargoyles carry the earth with them as part of their stony skin. Gargoyles of this type are commonly known as Warriors. These soldiers fight on the front lines, focusing their development of their inhuman strength as a way to smash the armies of those who would oppose the Tremere.

Beyond their strength, the Warrior also developed the most brutal, fearful looks of all the Gargoyles. They were built to win battles through fear, intimidation, and physical punishment. They might lack the terrible beauty of the handmade creations of the Tzimisce, but their brutal efficiency kept the Tremere from falling during its first decades in existence. The final Clan that contributed much to our bloodline were the Nosferatu. For many years, the secret was the Gargoyle process itself. Nosferatu who discovered how we were made often ended up chopped up in the vat for the next batch. The Tremere tried to pass off Gargoyle sightings as machinations of the Nosferatu for many years. It kept the Gargoyles secret longer and, in some cases, got Clans to target somebody else instead of the Usurpers for a while.

The Gargoyles that drew heavily from this blood are called Sentinels. They turned the strength of their Nosferatu forbearers into their own resilience, which made them excellent choices to protect havens and chantries. We were given menial tasks to keep things clean and functioning around the building. These Gargoyles tend to embody the strong, silent type. Some do so out of a lack of wit. Others develop a sense of politeness and manner befitting a butler. GARGOYLES The services of these Gargoyles were often the source of rivalries between chantries. Debts were settled by sending a Sentinel to make sure an up-and-coming haven was built around a sense of order. Older coteries also benefited from a Sentinel helping when lost members meant hidden books and forgotten lore. training ground. It may be a small airport on the edge of town or an abandoned building with a very tall roof. Crashes, loud noises, and other violations of the Masquerade are expected, so the Gargoyles will often seek out this sanctuary in exchange for services rendered to the Prince or his council.

Those same reasons are why the Gargoyle rarely makes his haven near here. Overlooking the City at Midnight Let me take a moment to discuss our wings. We all have them and they are functional to a degree. They walk the line between being necessary for the use of flight and being ornamental. They act as something of a focus for us to fly. Damage to them can affect our ability to fly in the same way that blinding a Kindred can affect their use of their powers. The flight is mystic in nature, but damaged wings can cause a Gargoyle to be grounded simply from the psychological impact. In the modern nights, Gargoyles are born both through the original ritual and the more common Embrace. Those created through the ritual are usually Kindred with a connection to the original bloodlines needed for the ritual.

Those given the Embrace are mortals chosen in whatever manner Kindred choose their Childer. Perhaps it is for the best that many of us prefer lives of solitude or quiet service to other Kindred. Gargoyles face a unique challenge in watching over their neonates: flight. Because all Gargoyles have some knowledge of flight, learning how to fly requires a particular type of training. Flying is not a part of the human experience, so Gargoyles often mark off a large space in the city as their Gargoyles created through ritual or Embrace share a common weakness. Transforming into a Gargoyle wipes away many of the memories of our humanity. When confronted with elements of our human lives, we might feel a twinge of recognition or a sense of deja vu, but we rarely recover a solid memory.

And what of those times when the ritual returns? Though its use was banned centuries ago and the Tremere claim all copies were destroyed, sometimes evidence is found of the materials required to create us outside the Embrace. Sometimes it is a desperate ploy to gain power for the Tremere in the city by making us, especially in cities where history does not run deep and few know about what transpired in the Long Night. Other cities exist where the Tremere believe their clutch of power is so great, such a violation would likely go unpunished. This is hardly the case. In fire, if necessary. Supping With Our Overseers Our relationship with the Clan that created us is complex, to say the least. We have been free for hundreds of years, but many of us stay in service to the Tremere out of tradition, fear, or perhaps even lack of a further sense of purpose.

There were many examples of the Tremere mistreating us during our enslavement, but there were also many who treated us with kindness. Though there is some lingering resentment, there is also fondness. Today, having a Gargoyle servant in your haven or Chantry is considered a prestigious luxury. Our strange forms can be an impressive display when a Tremere is seeking a Primogen seat or to oust the head of the local chantry. Other Kindred will woo us when they are trying to get the Tremere in a city to do what they want. They assume we still have some leverage with the Clan.

One advantage of continuing to serve the Tremere is access to their magic. When we were merely their creation, their thaumaturgy was kept away from us like all other Kindred. Now that we have something the Tremere want, learning a few rituals here or there in exchange for some 34 protection can be quite useful. Beware those Tremere who still exist from the time of our creation, though, because old opinions die hard. Reinforcement through blood bond and powers causes the Gargoyle to doubt any evidence to the contrary. The only documented case where this occurred was in Milwaukee in the s, but the concern arises every decade or so in our circles. Few, if any, Tremere antitribu have contact with us.

Many of the Tremere that left did so because of the Monmartre Pact, taking with them their stone slaves if they were able. Many of these Kindred left their havens, grimoires, and other equipment behind because of the violent backlash of the parent Clan. The Gargoyles who do side with the Sabbat spend no more time with the Tremere antitribu than the other members of the Sect. Most of us try to keep our allegiances private, but there are those who decide for one reason or another to throw in with a larger Sect. Paying some allegiance can offer more freedom in the long run. If the city is full of Camarilla vampires, saying you are one will mean most of them will leave you alone and let you go about your business.

If you count the Gargoyles who still serve the Tremere, most of the Gargoyles who do choose loyalty to a Sect choose the Camarilla. Take a page from the Nosferatu and stay hidden in their cities to avoid getting into any major hassles. Many of us would likely throw in fully with the Camarilla should the Final Nights ever descend upon us. Service to the Sabbat is rare. We spent a lot of time and effort throwing off the shackles of one group of vampires GARGOYLES using mystical blood rites to enforce loyalty. These Gargoyles will tell you they are sick of hiding and brooding. They want to do what they were made to do; destroy enemies. Whether out of mercenary loyalty or anarchistic love of destruction, these Gargoyles are a terrifying sight. They do make fine companions, since they are usually accepting of both our obvious appearance and our desire to not be tied down to one location.

A few of us do believe in the cause, especially those who want the Tremere to pay for the crimes they committed during our creation. While Sects are a way of life for many Kindred, we rarely feel an urge to join. We fought for our freedom centuries ago. Joining a Sect can feel like trading one set of chains for another. Character and Traits Concepts Impeccable Majordomo You may look like a monster, but you pride yourself on your politeness and efficiency. You are trusted to run a holding all on your own, be it a chantry or perhaps a haven held by a coterie of Kindred.

Newcomers put off by your fearsome looks are won over by your dry wit, your excellent taste in clothing, and your ability to quote the classics. The Thing in the Basement They keep you in chains so that when you are unchained, you run hard and fast at wherever they point. They keep you hungry because they want you to tear apart whatever needs to be killed. They keep you out of sight of other Kindred, so the frightened tales they tell make you seem bigger and scarier when you are seen. Abolitionist The mere thought of how many of your brothers and sisters still willingly call themselves slaves drives you to the edge of frenzy. Usually, they can only carry a limited amount of cargo based on their mastery of Flight. This combination allows them to apply some of their superhuman strength to carry bigger amounts at lower levels of Flight. Speed is still limited by the mastery of Flight. This power costs 12 experience points to learn.

System: The Kindred spends a point of Willpower to subtly make their body more aerodynamic as they fall. Using this ability requires room to maneuver high in the air or a great height to drop from, like the edge of a skyscraper. For each success rolled, they subtract 1 from the difficulty of their next Brawl or Melee roll on a target below them minimum difficulty of 3. The Kindred must make the roll as their next action or they lose the bonus. These Disciplines work together to make the Gargoyle into an unstoppable brute that requires a miracle to take down. For obvious reasons, this is a favorite choice of Sentinel Gargoyles. System: The Gargoyle spends a point of Willpower to enhance their Armor of Terra strategically with the supernatural toughness of Fortitude.

All bonuses and penalties for the Armor of Terra double for the remainder of the combat scene. The Gargoyle receives two extra soak dice for aggravated and lethal soak dice pools. It also gains four dice to soak bashing wounds, ignores two levels of wound penalties, and reduces any fire-based damage pools to a quarter round down of their original size. This power costs 21 experience points to learn. Scout Gargoyles These Gargoyles were created to explore and report back to Tremere about their surroundings. They were designed to turn to stone if heavily damaged so that the Tremere or other Scouts could retrieve them later to claim any information they were unable to report back.

These penalties only go away when the Gargoyle awakens in an evening with no health boxes crossed off. Sentinel Gargoyles These Gargoyles were created to watch over the chantries, havens, and other important locations of the early Tremere. They are quite sociable and friendly, despite appearances to the contrary. Masters of the Discipline can invoke changes to their body that are a bit subtler but no less devastating when unleashed at the right time. System: The Kindred spends a point of Willpower. Upon doing so, she may temporarily redistribute points between her Fortitude and Potence Disciplines up to the maximum allowed by her Generation. The Disciplines stay redistributed until the Kindred is Incapacitated or the next sunrise, whichever comes first.

They may spend another point of Willpower to change the dots back or adjust them to new totals. Disciplines: Flight, Potence, Fortitude Weakness: If a Sentinel Gargoyle finds itself truly alone without someone to call master, mate, ally or friend, all dice pools are halved until the Gargoyle can find someone to trust and serve in the world. Warrior Gargoyles These Gargoyles were built to wage war on the enemies of House and Clan Tremere. The Tremere did not want to waste their small number on fighting their battles, so they created these stone soldiers instead. These variations are colloquially called Scouts, Sentinels, and Warriors. For characters reflecting these deeper variations, use the following in-Clan Disciplines and Clan weakness instead of the ones listed in V Visceratika is considered out of clan for Gargoyles from these variants.

All Gargoyles remain susceptible to mind control from any source. Weakness: Whenever a Warrior Gargoyle frenzies, a part of their body turns to stone. Choose a body part and an Attribute that reflects the part such as eyes for Perception or legs for Dexterity. Until the next sunrise, any rolls requiring the attribute are considered an automatic failure. The next evening, the body part returns to normal. GARGOYLES Merits and Flaws Stillness of Death 2pt. Merit Gargoyles often hide themselves as statuary. The difficulty for any searches to find you are increased by 2 when you stay perfectly still. Heavy Hands 3pt. Merit One of the effects of becoming a vampire is strange changes happening to your body. The obvious alterations to your hands have made them tougher, harder, and more impervious to pain. All difficulties for damage rolls using unarmed attacks go down by 1. Stone Tongue 3pt. It made it physically difficult for you to speak properly and clearly. It may be because of a clumsy tongue, some nasty looking tusks, or a raptor-type beak.

Blood Weakness 4 or 7pt. Flaw The bloodline began as an experiment in manufacturing a Kindred from diverse bloodlines. They perfected the alchemical process, but somewhere along the way, a weakness in an ancestor caught hold. It manifested in your Embrace. In addition to the weaknesses you possess, you also possess either the Gangrel V20, p. For four points, choose one of the two weaknesses. For seven points, you possess both. Warrior Gargoyles with the Gangrel weakness version of Blood Weakness may gain both animal features and stone features from one frenzy. Additionally, choose one of the four Disciplines available to the Gargoyles.

For you, this Discipline is considered out of Clan and costs the higher amount of experience points to advance. Gargoyle Rituals Some Tremere creators have discovered that if they use the Enchant Talisman ritual on a Gargoyle V20, p. This requires casting the ritual for six hours a night, for one week per level of the ritual to be applied, but otherwise enchanting a Gargoyle uses the same rules as Enchant Talisman. Rituals activated by a Gargoyle require no roll to cast, and last a scene or until dismissed. A Gargoyle enchanted in this matter can spend its own blood or Willpower as if it were the caster of the ritual enchanted into its blood. If no cost is normally required for the ritual, however, the Gargoyle must still spend at least one blood to activate it. However, Gargoyles can learn enchantments from other Gargoyles by paying experience points equal to the cost of an out-of-Clan Discipline times the level of the ritual. At least one ritual is known to have survived, but there may be more.

Ward of the Winged Sepulcher Level 3 Gargoyle Ritual The Gargoyle or its master can prepare the creature to provide temporary shelter from the damning rays of the sun. Both the caster and its charge are protected from taking sunlight damage until the sun sets the next evening. System: The caster must prepare a small cube, half an inch in diameter, carefully cut from a tombstone marking an empty grave in a graveyard. Spending a blood point, he dabs each side of the cube with a drop of blood, whispering an incantation. The wing hardens to a stone-like substance and it is able to protect one person inside its space. If the caster does not already possess wings, the ward does one level of aggravated damage if only protecting the caster, two if protecting the caster and one other subject. It would be appropriate. When in Rome; burn it. Gian was keeping a steady eye on the masked figure sitting at the prow, while Jacopo pointedly looked distracted by the filthy can al. His preference was to look aw ay.

The gondola was coasting alo ngside the Fondaco dei Turchi when whispered Latin em anated from within the death ma sk. Quite aside from the renewal of our relations, cousin of Typhon, I am here to make a purchase. The only expression he could read was from her eyes, the color of concrete, harsh and int ense. You will likely desire more modern, fashio nable clothing, if you intend to ingratiate yourself with the local Kindred. The Ca ghing and cheering rnival was in full swing. Kin will they use next to describe the dred. What word monster? Her eyeballs bulged from her skull, ovoid and fixed. Her Setite companion chewed the inside of his mouth. Venice upholds a Masquerade these nights. You nev er know who might be watching.

Hand-crafted Venetian masks. No less than seven score will suffice. All must be different. To where do you require delivery? Loo king down at the Setite, she replac ed her death mask and put one bare foot on the walnut of the starboard side. Your delivery will be to the art storage cellars the day before the party. Several of my companions will await within. Bu t Liliana — were members of you r blo odline invited to such an exclusive soiree? She silently stepped int black waters. Jacopo stared aft o the impenetrably er her, at the void of darkness surrounding the gondola. Not a ripple remained. A Fable Agreed Upon As written by Khurshid, Wearer of the Sun Mask History is only what is written.

When it goes unwritten, it becomes a source of endless conjecture. The past of our lineage is remembered by me differently than how my sire remembers, or the kin with whom I share this mausoleum recall, so we play a game of who can tell the more tragic, inspiring tale. Perhaps there will come a night where a single account strikes us a resounding blow of realization. Perhaps not. I feel it to a degree pleasing to shroud our past in layers of mystery and seals of tar, not dissimilar to the wraps festooning the cooling bodies in this cellar. If we cannot know truth, then neither should any outside of our blood.

We Harbingers sailed our ferries to the darkest pits and made an odyssey of our return. My sire claims we were not born in the Shadowlands; we were created there. I recall my being a Harbinger long before I entered the Underworld. Our rich knowledge made us indispensable to other Cainites. We honed ourselves in hundreds of fields, but advertised few. In Persia, Greece, and later Rome, we became loyal subjects to magi, philosophers, and emperors. Rarely would our full array of powers be exposed, allowing us to dance in the background as empires fell, and learn from the mistakes and successes of others. She gained little obvious benefit from murdering Caracalla, except to study and record how his followers rebuilt afterward. She carefully observed the variation in how the soul of a ruler exits a body, compared to when escaping the mouth of a deceased peasant.

Our line was rarely renowned for its proficiency in the field of conflict. This was deliberate. I was cupbearer to the Malkavian warlord of Diyarbakır. My sire was a poet of Zamya, who channeled his art through the rotting corpses of loved ones. He used those same corpses as unerringly reliable killers. Our skill in dealing death was as sharp as our knowledge of its forms, but it was a secret talent. As unappealing as we were to look upon, our vast collection of talents put the Ventrue and Followers of Set in debt to us with pleasing regularity. All the while, we concealed gifts and honed disciplines, preparing for the possibility of one night crushing the Cainite masters with whom we consorted. We possessed a cohesive focus: becoming relied upon, even essential to the working of courts far and wide. Our information network spread through the Underworld and back to the lands of the living. While our kin experimented with corpses, we opened channels to cavort with spirits.

Our Clan was bonded only through veneration of our Father. We were the progeny of Ashur; a name oft given to vampires who succumb to the parasite feasting on their souls. Others called him Cappadocius, or Anubis, or Laodice, or Kizurra. His identity matters less than one would think. He ultimately became a deific symbol for abuse and manipulation. My disgust for this vampire is absolute, as despite our fulfilling works, he saw fit to sacrifice the majority of his childer — his family — as grist for the foul mills churning in his soul. Ashur possessed profound deficiency in sanity, honor, and awareness. He ever lacked the shard of a soul leading to peace and resolution, and was constantly driven to revelations that further muddled the little wisdom he possessed.

As we reached our zenith in multiplicity, buried deep within Cainite domains ranging from the Gothic Kingdoms to the Pyu City States, our doom came at his command. Lore of the Bloodlines is a single volume companion to Lore of the Clans that revisits some of the bloodlines in Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition , providing story hooks, character concepts, history, and bloodline-specific rules. The secrets of the Baali, Daughters of Cacophony, Gargoyles, Harbingers of Skulls, Kiasyd, Nagaraja, Salubri, Samedi, and True Brujah are now yours. Lore of the Bloodlines was made possible by the backers of the Lore of the Clans Kickstarter campaign. The Largest RPG Download Store! Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here.

Remember me. Error: No match for email address or password. Password forgotten? Click here. Advanced Search. V20 Lore of the Bloodlines. From Onyx Path Publishing. Selected Option:. Hardcover, Premium Color Book. Hardcover, Standard Color Book. Average Rating 97 ratings. We are free to create our own truths amidst the lies. Lore of the Bloodlines includes: The history, lore, and nightly practices of nine bloodlines, told from the perspective of the Kindred themselves. New combo Disciplines, powers, Merits, Flaws, and other rules specific to each bloodline.

Revisions and updates of more classic Vampire: The Masquerade material to V Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased. Reviews 7. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Kassandra F. To begin, I must admit that I enjoyed my reading. However, the content of this book could have been much richer. A resonable price for a quick reference though. I would recommend it to any player, with warning. I regret not having bought the hardcover [ John M. After buying Lore of the Clans I was really excited to hear about Lore of the Bloodlines, and eagerly bought it as soon as it became available. I was a tiny bit disappointed in what I got. There is plenty of good stuff within the book, however a in a [ BRANDON S. I have been anticipating this book for some time, and I was not disappointed. It provides in-depth write-ups on a number of the Bloodlines, along with new merits, combination disciplines, and other goodies.

These books take me anywhere from 2 to 10 hours to create. Only a tiny minority of people donate Here you can download file Bloodlines. Join our community just now to flow with the file Bloodlines and make our shared file collection even more complete and exciting. File name : Lore of the Bloodlines. pdf Upload Date : T Bloodlines is one of the most autobiographical books I have written. It tells my story from racism to the path of redemption. I preached on the theme of Bloodlines yesterday to mark Martin Luther King weekend. we will continue the Lore of the Bloodlines book PDF with the Blood Brothers, which we will provide to all backers who pledged for a Reward Tier containing a V20 Lore of the Clans PDF. With this Kickstarter we are adding a new way you can contribute to the project and Bloodlines is an almost polar opposite, drawing its kicks from directly meddling in secretive Kindred society, taking on its complex strifes and soaking in that excellent Vampire mythology that so masterfully animates Los Angeles by night.

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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. pdf Uploaded by: Michael Lennon de Moura 0 0 May PDF Bookmark Embed Share Print Download. pdf as PDF for free. Words: 59, Pages: Credits Special Thanks Authors: Matthew Dawkins, Eloy Lasanta, Andy Peregrine, Neall Price, Eddy Webb, and Rob Weiland Developer and V20 Line Developer: Eddy Webb Everyone who participated in the Lore of the Clans Kickstarter for your incredible contributions that led to the creation of this book. Editor: Jess Hartley Art Director: Michael Chaney Layout and Typesetting: Becky McGarity Interior Art: Sam Araya, Felipe Gaona, Michael Gaydos, Mark Kelly, Ken Meyer Jr. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of White Wolf Publishing AB.

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Reader discretion is advised. com This book uses the supernatural for settings, characters and themes. This book contains mature content. Merit 16 Simply Waiting 4pt. Merit 16 Carrion Presence 2pt. Flaw 16 Dark Aura 3pt. Flaw 16 Plague of Demons 4pt. Merit 26 Fugue Instinct 3pt. Merit 26 Banshee-in-Waiting 5pt. Merit 37 Heavy Hands 3pt. Merit 37 Stone Tongue 3pt. Flaw 37 Blood Weakness 4 or 7pt. Merit 48 Styx Baptism 3pt. Merit 48 Half-Life 6pt. Merit 48 Unsanctioned Embrace 2pt. Flaw 48 Shadow Scarred 3pt. Sandman 59 Merits and Flaws 59 Prized Collection pt. Merit 59 Alien Perfection 2pt. Merit 59 The Necromancy Lie 60 Paranormal Link 2pt. Merit 60 Skin of Porcelain 4pt. Merit 60 Vitae Mutation 5pt. Merit 60 Lightweight 1pt. Flaw 60 Illiterate pt. Flaw 60 Refined Palate pt. Flaw 60 Dreadful Mara 4pt.

Merit 70 Speed Eater 2pt. or 4pt. Merit 70 The Largest Maw 2pt. Flaw 70 Body Trail 4pt. Merit 80 Sight Beyond Sight 3pt. Merit 80 The Eighth 6pt. Flaw 80 Permanent Third Eye 2 or 4pt. Merit 91 Stitcher 3pt. Merit 91 Brittle Body 2 or 4pt. Flaw 91 True Brujah 93 Recognition 93 Tempus Fugit 94 Visions of Betrayal 94 A New Hunger 95 Second Chances 95 An Alliance Against the Jyhad 95 Hidden in the Folds of Time 96 Among the Kindred 96 Technology and Science 97 Factions 98 The Unmakers 98 The Guardians 98 Character and Traits 99 Concepts 99 Negotiator 99 Scientist 99 Thief of Antiquities 99 Merits and Flaws 99 Advanced Tech pt. Merit 99 Fatalist 3pt. Merit 99 True Celerity 5pt. Merit 99 Out of Phase 2pt. She was irritable, frustratingly enigmatic, spoke half in English and half in Icelandic, and had a tendency to punctuate her lessons with mortal wounds.

Regardless, I still miss the insane old bat. She was incredibly intelligent, and once I was released as a vampire after a grueling dissertation which required me to recite my page thesis from memory while the blood was slowly drained from my body , she lied to me less than any other vampire has. Now that I think about it, maybe her insistence on the truth was another one of her petty cruelties. What must it be like to be Embraced into a miniature culture complete with thousands of years of oral history, social expectations, and pre-packaged enemies? Intellectually I understand the nature and scope of the Jyhad, but there must be something galling about having your side chosen for you as soon as your blood leaves your body. Like I said — I find it fascinating as an outside observer. And yet, while their role in the eternal conflict between the childer of Caine may be small, it is often incredibly impactful.

As such, I provide this corollary to my original study. It would be the work of several lifetimes to find and document every tiny aberration or fleeting dead end that constitutes a variation from one of the thirteen. Instead, I have focused on nine groups that I know for certain have an impact in our little culture war of the dead. Even our little family of the Kiasyd make Introduction an appearance, blinking as the light of scholarly research is, for once, turned back upon us. I wonder if my sire would approve. Of course, you have been very patient through these long nights, childe. Granted, the chains have, I am sure, helped to encourage a certain amount of patience as we carefully sift through all the lies and misunderstandings of our kind.

And you must be getting quite hungry. As you contemplate, let me tell you of the bloodlines. Perhaps their stories will help you understand your own predicament better. The Daughters of Cacophony focus on the power of song and voice. They are touched with both madness and artistic insight that other vampires crave. Created by ancient Tremere experiments, the Gargoyles are not-quite-vampires that serve their masters loyally… except when they violently rebel. The Harbingers of Skulls are the last remnants of an ancient Clan with a long-held grudge against the Giovanni. They hide behind a variety of masks, and only some of them are physical. Misunderstood scholars, the Kiasyd are obsessed with mental puzzles. Some believe they are the result of experimentation with the fae, but the truth may be far stranger. The Nagaraja are cannibalistic vampires that lurk in the shadows of Kindred society. They comprise part of the shadowy Sect known as the True Black Hand.

Once one of the thirteen Clans of Caine, before the treachery of the Tremere nearly destroyed them, the Salubri now struggle between revenge and morality. Unsure of their own origins, the putrefying Samedi act as voudoun mercenaries among the undead. Finally, the True Brujah manipulate time while seeking to reclaim their place as the true successors of Brujah. They lurk on the strange fringes of the World of Darkness, ready to act. At the end is a wide variety of combination powers, Merits, Flaws, and other mechanical bits for players and Storytellers. Use them or ignore them as you like to expand, refine, and modify typical members of that bloodline. The selected material presented here is pulled from two decades of Vampire: The Masquerade, along with new and intriguing ideas never presented before.

Use what makes sense, and cast the rest into doubt and heresy — this material is meant to work for your game, not to mandate the only way each bloodline can be portrayed. Not from gusts of air - no living being cou ld survive with the small amount of air in the cataco mb - but with the brisk pace Rodrigo jog ged down the once-hidden stairs. Rodrigo and his coven could make that dream whate ver they wanted. It was enough to make him shi ver with anticipation at the thought. Never before had Rodrigo wished the suprem e might of the Brujah was within his purview. It eventually shifted enough to the side tha t he could reach his arm inside and feel thing he came for. for the Bits of bone… cobwebs… insects… smoot h metal.

There it was. He pulled a bea utifully crafted silver cup from the coffin and kis sed it in his excitement, then spit the dir t out and wiped his mouth.

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Banshee-in-Waiting 5pt. We made a pact with our old masters that we would never share their secrets, and in turn they would allow us to exist. However, the divisions of Clan could not keep them apart, and against the orders of their elders they met in secret. They will hear the tune in myriad places, even in the walls of buildings, and it will seem to come from somewhere in particular. As part of the deal, they swore to stop creating Gargoyles and cease hunting down vampires for use in the ritual. She took our name from the creatures guarding churches at the time, so she decided to give us the ability to mimic their flight.

These variations are colloquially called Scouts, Sentinels, and Warriors. I preached on the theme of Bloodlines yesterday to mark Martin Luther King weekend, v20 lore of the bloodlines pdf download. The goblet still needed to be filled with blood, after all. Reinforcement through blood bond and powers causes the Gargoyle to doubt any evidence to the contrary. They are touched with both madness and artistic insight that other vampires crave. The Clan was also supposed to destroy all copies of that ritual. V20 50; Lore of the Clans Brujah Antitribu.